New Collaboration

We’re thrilled to tell you that we have now joined forces with The Seahorse Trust! This is a natural collaboration given the significance of the Seahorse to the Salcombe Brewery branding and the importance of the the underwater wildlife to our local community. The Salcombe Ria is special as it’s home to both species of the British Seahorse; the spiny and the short-snouted seahorse. From June 2018, 5p of every bottle of Seahorse sold will go towards the trust to help conserve these amazing animals for the future. This will help the trust in its efforts to study seahorses in the wild and to launch conservation programmes to ensure we have seahorses forever.

Some of the incredible work that The Seahorse Trust does is to achieve full protection for seahorses in the UK. However illegal trade is still going ahead in the UK and around the world. The Stop the Curio Trade is a campaign run by the trust and Save our Seahorses in Ireland to try and eradicate this. To see more of what the trust does see here.

There’s also the opportunity for you to get involved as The Seahorse Trust also offers Seahorse Survey Courses and the opportunity to sponsor a seahorse.

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