Seahorse victory!

As you know, we donate 5p a bottle of our Seahorse 500ml bottles towards the Seahorse Trust. In May this year, we also gave 5p a PINT of Seahorse to the Trust and thank you to everyone who has done their own little bit and had a Seahorse beer recently. We’re proud to partner up with The Seahorse Trust who do incredible work protecting these amazing animals in our waters. The Salcombe Ria is a well-known breeding ground for two different species of seahorses (the short-snouted and the spiny seahorse) and of course is home to our very own seahorse which we have sponsored – Hoppy!
But one of the biggest projects for the Trust in recent years was in Studland Bay. Well, last week, Studland Bay officially became a marine conservation zone! This comes after a decade-long campaign by The Seahorse Trust and their partners at Southampton University to stop boatowners from dropping anchors and chains which destroy seagrass where the spiny seahorse breeds.
Neil Garrick-Maidment, director of the Seahorse Trust, thanked their partners at Southampton University and various sponsoring partners. He added “I would also like to thank Joan Edwards head of marine for the wildlife trusts for supporting our petition to make the site protected which achieved over 253,000 signatures, this helped to sway the decision. I particularly would like to thank Sir Hugo Swire MP who facilitated the meetings last year which Michael Gove who in his own words during our meeting said, ‘I totally get seahorses, we need to protect them’. This truly is the most amazing news and thank you personally from me and on behalf of the seahorses and the marine environment.”

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