Pale Ale

It’s arrived! We’ve been eagerly anticipating the arrival of our Salcombe Pale Ale with our new design on the bottles. Of course as soon as they arrived, we got started on trying our brand new brew. The brewers have done a fantastic job in creating a classic pale ale with a citrus driven taste, representing the importance of the citrus trade in Salcombe during the 19th century. We love the stunning Salcombe estuary scene at sunset on the labels and can just imagine chilling out, watching the sun go down with a bottle of chilled Salcombe Pale Ale. Spring is upon us, days are getting longer and evenings are getting warmer. So relax and enjoy a bottle of our new brew and think of the sun setting in Salcombe and the smell of fresh seawater, no matter where you are. Alternatively, get yourselves down here and enjoy it for real!

You can now buy Salcombe Pale Ale online and in store. Coming soon on keg to enjoy out and about! We’ll keep you updated!

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