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We’re delighted to have been awarded Gold for both Salcombe Pilsner and Breeze in this year’s 2022 Taste of the West Product awards. It’s made us particularly proud as these are the two newest additions to our Discovery Salcombe line up and our two first lagers, so to have been received with such positivity really puts a smile on our face.

So Cheers to that!

Salcombe Pilsner: Salcombe Pilsner uses the finest British malt and has a delicate floral and herbal aroma, derived from the noble Czech and German hops. The gentle malt flavour complements the bittersweet palate, culminating in a crisp, dry finish.

Breeze: Breeze is a refreshing session lager using two contrasting British hops, Jester and Boadicea. The Jester brings hints of tropical fruit while the Boadicea introduces subtle spicy notes with hints of orchard blossom. Together, they help bring structure and balance to this elegant lager.

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